Susie Leahy Raleigh’s vibrant aqueous surfaces result from pouring inks on to formatted acrylic sheets. The pouring process is her way of largely abandoning compositional control and remaining open to spontaneous occurrences.  Although it may appear that the paintings ‘create themselves’ the artist’s colour choices, her rehearsed and tested body movements and her rejection of completed works deemed ‘unsatisfactory’ indicate otherwise. The coloured flows that collide with each other or are arrested at the perimeter of the boxed acrylic frame result from dexterous guiding by a disciplined mind.

While the act of pouring expresses fluidity and is intended to convey energy, time lapses and perceptual movement, the paintings are nonetheless informed by a personal response to atmospheric phenomena and experiences of altered states of consciousness.  Through colour, luminosity and light reflection these works provoke the types of stimulation often associated with psychedelic sensations.